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Booking conditions

The offers, reservations & cancellations are made according to the Austrian Hotel Regulations (except cancellation conditions).

Version dated 01.10.2020


§ 1 Scope of application

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry (hereinafter referred to as “AGBH 2006”) shall replace the previous ÖHVB [Austrian Hotel Contract Conditions] as amended on 23 September 1981.

1.2 The AGBH 2006 shall not exclude special agreements. The AGBH 2006 shall be subsidiary to agreements made on an individual basis.


§ 2 Definition

2.1 Definitions:

“Proprietor”: means an individual or entity that accommodates guests against remuneration.

“Guest”: means an individual that uses accommodation. Usually the guest is also the Party. Guests also include those persons that are accommodated together with such Party (e.g. family members, friends etc.).

“Party”: means a domestic or foreign individual or entity that enters into an Accommodation Agreement as a Guest or for a Guest.

“Consumer” and “Entrepreneur”: these terms shall be construed as defined by the 1979 Consumer Protection Act (Konsumentenschutzgesetz) as amended.

“Accommodation Agreement”: means the agreement made between the Proprietor and the Party, the contents of which are specified below.


§ 3 Execution of the agreement – Down payment

3.1 The Accommodation Agreement shall be deemed entered into upon the acceptance of the Party’s order by the Proprietor. Electronic declarations shall be deemed received when they can be collected by the party to which they are addressed under normal circumstances provided that they are received during the published business hours of the Proprietor.

3.2 The Proprietor shall be entitled to enter into the Accommodation Agreement under the condition that the Party makes a down payment. In such event, the Proprietor shall be obliged to inform the Party of the required down payment before accepting the written or oral order of the Party. If the Party agrees to the down payment (in writing or orally), the Accommodation Agreement shall be deemed entered into upon the receipt of the Party’s declaration of consent on the down payment by the Proprietor.

3.3 The Party shall be obliged to make the down payment no later than 7 days (receipt) before the accommodation. The costs for the financial transaction (e.g. remittance fee) shall be paid by the Party. Credit and debit cards shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the issuing company.

3.4 The down payment shall be deemed an instalment of the agreed remuneration.


§ 4 Start and end of accommodation

4.1 Unless the Proprietor offers any other time of occupancy, the Party shall be entitledto move into the rented rooms from 4.00 p.m. on the agreed date (“date of arrival”).

4.2 If a room is occupied for the first time before 6.00 a.m., the preceding night shallbe deemed the first night of accommodation.

4.3 The rented rooms shall be vacated by the Party by 12.00 noon on the date of departure.The Proprietor shall be entitled to charge another day if the rented roomsare not vacated in time.


§ 5 Rescission of the Accommodation Agreement – Cancellation fee Rescission by the Proprietor

5.1 If the Accommodation Agreement provides for a down payment and such downpayment has not been made by the Party in time, the Proprietor may rescind the Accommodation Agreement without granting any grace period.

5.2 If the Guest fails to arrive by 6.00 p.m. on the agreed date of arrival, the Proprietorshall not be obliged to accommodate them unless a later time of arrival has beenagreed upon.

5.3 If the Party has made a down payment (see 3.3), the rooms shall be deemed reserveduntil 12.00 noon on the day following the date of arrival at the latest. If adown payment to the amount of more than four days has been made, the obligationto accommodate the Guest shall end on 6.00 p.m. on the fourth day, the dateof arrival being deemed the first day, unless the Guest informs the Proprietor of alater date of arrival.

5.4 Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Proprietor may rescind the Accommodation Agreement for objectively justified reasons by means of a unilateral declaration by3 months before the agreed date of arrival of the Party.

Rescission by the Party – Cancellation fee

5.5 The Party may rescind the Accommodation Agreement by means of a unilateraldeclaration by 3 months before the agreed date of arrival of the Guest without beingliable to pay a cancellation fee.5.6 Outside the period specified in § 5.5., the Party may only rescind the AccommodationAgreement by means of a unilateral declaration subject to the followingcancellation fees:

  • - 0% of the total agreed price by 1 month before the date of arrival;
  • - 70% of the total agreed price by 1 week before the date of arrival;
  • - 90% of the total agreed price within the last week preceding the date of arrival.


Prevention from arrival

5.7 If the Party is prevented from arriving at the accommodating establishment on the date of arrival since this is impossible due to unforeseeable extraordinary events (e.g. extreme snowfall, floods etc.), the Party shall not be obliged to pay the agreed remuneration for the date of arrival.

5.8 The obligation to pay the remuneration for the booked stay shall revive as soon as the arrival becomes possible again provided that it becomes possible within three days.


§ 6 Provision of substitute accommodation

6.1 The Proprietor may provide the Party or the guests with adequate substitute accommodation (of the same quality) provided that this is reasonable for the Party, particularly if the difference is insignificant and objectively justified.

6.2 An objective justification shall, for example, be deemed given if the room(s) has (have) become unusable, guests that have already been accommodated prolong their stay, the establishment is overbooked or this becomes necessary due to other important operational activities.

6.3 Any extra expenses arising from such substitute accommodation shall be paid by the Proprietor.


§ 7 Rights of the Party

7.1 By entering into an Accommodation Agreement, the Party shall acquire the right to make normal use of the rented rooms and the facilities of the accommodating establishment that are usually accessible to the guests for use without any special conditions and of the usual service. The Party shall exercise their rights in accordance with any applicable hotel and/or guest regulations (rules of the house).


§ 8 Obligations of the Party

8.1 The Party shall be obliged to pay the agreed remuneration plus any extra amounts that have arisen from the use of special services by the Party and/or the accompanying guests plus any applicable VAT by the date of departure at the latest.

8.2 The Proprietor shall not be obliged to accept foreign currencies. If the Proprietor accepts foreign currencies, such shall be accepted at the current price if possible. If the Proprietor accepts foreign currencies or cashless means of payment, the Party shall pay any associated costs, e.g. for inquiries with credit card companies, telegrams etc.

8.3 The Party shall be liable towards the Proprietor for any damage caused by themselves or the Guest or any other persons that receive services of the Proprietor with the knowledge or in accordance with the intention of the Party.


§ 9 Rights of the Proprietor

9.1 If the Party refuses to pay or is in arrears with the agreed remuneration, the Proprietor shall be entitled to make use of the legal right of retention in accordance with § 970c of ABGB [Austrian Civil Code] and the legal right of lien in accordance with § 1101 of ABGB with respect to the items brought along by the Party or the Guest. Furthermore, the Proprietor shall be entitled to make use of this right of retention or lien in order to secure its claims under the Accommodation Agreement, particularly for catering, other expenses made for the Party and for any kind of damage claims.

9.2 If services are requested in the room of the Party or during unusual times of the day (after 8.00 p.m. and before 6.00 a.m.), the Proprietor shall be entitled to charge an extra remuneration. However, such extra remuneration shall be indicated on the price board for the room. The Proprietor may also refuse such services for operational reasons.

9.3 The Proprietor shall be entitled to issue invoices or interim invoices for its services at any time.


§ 10 Obligations of the Proprietor

10.1 The Proprietor shall be obliged to provide the agreed services to an extent that complies with its standards.

10.2 Extra services of the Proprietor that must be indicated accordingly since they are not included in the accommodation remuneration shall, by way of example, include:
a) Extra accommodation services that may be invoiced separately, such as the provision of lounges, sauna, indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool, solarium, garages etc.;
b) A reduced price shall be charged for the provision of additional beds or cribs.


§ 11 Liability of the Proprietor for damage to items of guests

11.1 The Proprietor shall be liable for the items brought along by the Party in accordance with §§ 970 ss of ABGB. The Proprietor shall only be liable if the items have been handed over to the Proprietor or the persons authorised by the Proprietor or deposited in a place assigned by such or intended for such purpose. Unless the Proprietor provides other evidence, the Proprietor shall be liable for its own fault or the fault of its vicarious agents and visitors. In accordance with § 970 sec. 1 of ABGB, the Proprietor shall only be liable up to the amount specified in the Austrian law on the liability of landlords and other entrepreneurs of 16 November 1921 (Bundesgesetz über die Haftung der Gastwirte und anderer Unternehmer) as amended. If the Party or the Guest fails to immediately comply with the Proprietor’s request to deposit their items in a special deposit, the Proprietor shall be released from any liability. The amount of any liability of the Proprietor shall be limited to a maximum of the sum insured under the third-party liability insurance of such Proprietor. Any fault of the Party or Guest shall be taken into account.

11.2 The Proprietor may not be held liable for slight negligence. If the Party is an Entrepreneur, the Proprietor may neither be held liable for gross negligence. In such event, the burden of proof to show the fault shall lie with the Party. No consequential or indirect damage and no loss of profit shall be reimbursed.

11.3 The Proprietor shall only be liable for valuables, money and securities up to an amount of currently €550.--. The Proprietor shall only be liable for any exceeding damage in the event it has accepted such items for deposition knowing their qual- ity or in the event the damage has been caused by itself or its vicarious agents. The limitation of liability in accordance with 12.1 and 12.2 shall apply accord- ingly.

11.4 The Proprietor may refuse to deposit valuables, money and securities if the items are significantly more valuable than those usually handed over for deposition by the guests of the accommodating establishment.

11.5 In each event of deposition, liability shall be excluded if the Party and/or Guest fails to immediately notify the Proprietor of the occurred damage. Furthermore, such claims shall be asserted in court within three years from their knowledge or possible knowledge to the Party and/or Guest; otherwise, the right shall become extinct.


§ 12 Limitations of liability

12.1 If the Party is a Consumer, the Proprietor may not be held liable for slight negligence, except for bodily injury.

12.2 If the Party is an Entrepreneur, the Proprietor may not be held liable for slight or gross negligence. In such event, the burden of proof to show the fault shall lie with the Party. No consequential, non-material or indirect damage and no loss of profit shall be reimbursed. The damage to be reimbursed shall at any case be limited to the amount of the damage incurred because the Party has relied on the validity of the agreement (Vertrauensinteresse).


§ 13 Animals

13.1 Animals may only be brought to the accommodating establishment with the prior consent of the Proprietor and against extra remuneration.

13.2 The Party bringing along an animal shall be obliged to properly keep and/or su- pervise such animal during their stay or to have it kept and/or supervised by a qualified third party at their own expense.

13.3 The Party and/or Guest bringing along an animal shall have an according animal liability insurance and/or personal liability insurance that covers any potential damage caused by animals. Evidence of such insurance shall be provided to the Proprietor upon request.

13.4 The Party and/or their insurance company shall be jointly and severally liable towards the Proprietor for any damage caused by the animals brought along. Such damage shall particularly also include any compensation to be paid by the Pro- prietor to third parties.

13.5 Animals shall not be permitted to enter the lounges, saloons, restaurants and wellness zones.


§ 14 Prolongation of the accommodation

14.1 The Party may not claim for a prolongation of their stay. If the Party informs the Proprietor in time that they intend to prolong their stay, the Proprietor may con- sent to a renewal of the Accommodation Agreement. However, the Proprietor shall not be obliged to do so.

14.2 If the Party is prevented from leaving the accommodating establishment on the date of departure since all ways of travel are blocked or unusable due to unforeseeable extraordinary events (e.g. extreme snowfall, floods etc.), the Accommodation Agreement shall automatically be renewed for the duration of such prevention from departure. The remuneration to be paid for this period may only be re- duced if the Party is unable to fully use the offered services of the accommodating establishment due to the extraordinary weather conditions. The Proprietor shall be entitled to charge as a minimum the remuneration corresponding to the price usually charged in the low season.


§ 15 Termination of the Accommodation Agreement – Early cancellation

15.1 If the Accommodation Agreement has been made for a definite term, it shall end upon the expiry of such term.

15.2 If the Party leaves prematurely, the Proprietor shall be entitled to charge the total agreed remuneration. The Proprietor shall deduct anything saved due to the failure to use its scope of services or maintained by letting the booked rooms to other guests. Such savings shall only be deemed to exist if the capacities of the accommodating establishment are fully used upon the Guest’s failure to use the booked rooms and the room can be let to other guests due to the cancellation by the Party. The burden of proof to show that savings have been made shall lie with the Party.

15.3 Upon the death of a Guest, the Agreement with the Proprietor shall become extinct.

15.4 If the Accommodation Agreement has been made for an indefinite term, the Parties may terminate the Agreement by 10.00 a.m. of the third day preceding the intended end of the Agreement.

15.5 The Proprietor shall be entitled to terminate the Accommodation Agreement with immediate effect for important reasons, particularly if the Party and/or the Guest

a) makes significantly adverse use of the rooms or makes their stay intolerable for the other guests, the owner, its vicarious agents or the third parties stay- ing at the accommodating establishment due to ruthless, offensive or otherwise highly improper conduct or commits an act against property, morality or physical safety towards these persons that is subject to penalty;

b) suffers of a contagious disease or a disease the duration of which exceeds the term of accommodation or otherwise is in need of care;

c) fails to settle the presented invoices when they become payable within a reasonably set period (3 days).

15.6 If the performance of the Agreement becomes impossible due to circumstances to be deemed events of force majeure (e.g. acts of God, strike, lockout, official orders etc.), the Proprietor may terminate the Accommodation Agreement at any time without giving prior notice unless the Agreement is already deemed terminated under the law or the Proprietor is released of its obligation to accommodate the Party. Any claims for damages etc. by the Party shall be excluded.


§ 16 Sickness or death of the Guest

16.1 If a Guest gets sick during their stay at the accommodating establishment, the Proprietor shall arrange for medical care at the request of the Guest. In the event of imminent danger, the Proprietor shall arrange for medical care even without the special request of the Guest, particularly if this is necessary and the Guest is unable to do so themselves.

16.2 As long as the Guest is unable to make decisions or it is not possible to contact the family of the Guest, the Proprietor shall arrange for medical care at the expense of the Guest. However, the extent of such care shall end as soon as the Guest is able to make decisions or their family has been informed about the sickness.

16.3 The Proprietor shall particularly be entitled to damages from the Party or the Guest or, in the event of their death, their successors for the following expenses:

a) unsettled medical costs, costs for ambulance transports, drugs and medical aids

b) room disinfections that have become necessary,

c) linen, bed sheets and bed furnishing that have become unusable, or otherwise the disinfection of thorough cleaning of all of these items,

d) restoration of walls, furniture, carpets etc. if such have been contaminated or damaged in relation with the sickness or death,

e) rent for the room, provided that it has been occupied by the Guest, plus any days during which the rooms are unusable due to disinfection, vacation etc.,

f) any other damage incurred by the Proprietor.


§ 17 Place of performance, place of jurisdiction and applicable law

17.1 The place of performance shall be the place where the accommodating establishment is situated.

17.2 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Austrian adjective and substantial law under exclusion of the provisions of international private law (particularly IPRG [Austrian act on international private law] and the Rome Convention of 1980) and the UN Sales Convention.

17.3 If the Party is an Entrepreneur, the exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the domicile of the Proprietor; however, the Proprietor shall also be entitled to assert its rights before any other court that is competent for the location and matter.

17.4 If the Accommodation Agreement has been made with a Party that is a Consumer who has their domicile or ordinary residence in Austria, actions against the Consumer may exclusively be filed at the domicile, ordinary residence or place of work of such Consumer.

17.5 If the Accommodation Agreement has been made with a Party that is a Consumer who has their domicile in a member state of the European Union (except for Austria), Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, the court that is competent for the domicile of the Consumer in the event of actions against the Consumer in the relevant matter shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


§ 18 Miscellaneous

18.1 Unless otherwise specified in the above provisions, any time limits shall start upon the document by which such time limit is instructed being delivered to the Party that must comply with the time limit. When calculating a time limit based on days, the day of the moment or event to which the start of the time limit refers shall not be included in the calculation. Time limits based on weeks or months shall refer to the day of the week or month that corresponds to the day starting from which the time limit is to be counted according to its name or number. If the relevant month lacks such day, it shall be replaced with the last day of such month. 

18.2 Any declarations shall be received by the other party by the last day of the time limit (12.00 midnight). 

18.3 The Proprietor shall be entitled to offset any of its claims against claims of the Party. The Party shall not be entitled to offset any of its claims against claims of the Proprietor unless the Proprietor is insolvent or the Party’s claim has been es- tablished by a court or acknowledged by the Proprietor. 

18.4 If any gaps arise in relation with the Agreement, the applicable legal provisions shall apply. 



Pool Regulations

Dear Guests, 

By booking an apartment, you enter into a contract with Panorama Apartments and thereby acknowledge the following pool regulations as legally binding terms of the contract. 


1. Obligations of the Pool Facility
1.1. Granting Use of Facilities, Guest Liability

(1) The pool facility allows guests to use its facilities at their own risk within the regulations outlined in these pool regulations. 

(2) It is not possible for the pool facility or its staff to prevent dangers or accidents in general. Guests are solely responsible for any health-related risks associated with using the pool facilities. The same applies to injuries and other infringements on the privacy of guests by other guests or third parties not belonging to the pool facility staff. 

(3) The pool facility assumes only the duties listed below towards the guests. 


1.2. Opening Hours and Access Grant

(1) The pool facility is obligated to allow visits during the opening hours communicated by notice or pool personnel. 

(2) If the allowed number of visitors is exceeded, the pool facility, with the assistance of the responsible staff, may deny entry to additional visitors. In such cases, potential visitors should be prepared for waiting times. 

(3) The pool facility reserves the right to deny entry to individuals whose admission to the pool visit is questionable without providing reasons. 

(4) The presence of animals is not allowed, except for service dogs of the police and emergency services. 


1.3. Condition and Operation of the Facilities

(1) The pool facility ensures that the facilities are constructed, operated, and maintained in accordance with regulations. In particular, the pool facility must adhere to all applicable hygiene and safety regulations. No further obligations exist for the pool facility. 

(2) As soon as the pool facility becomes aware of any disruption, deficiency, or damage to the facility or specific areas that jeopardize safe operation, it immediately prohibits the use of the facility or restricts its use appropriately. 


1.4. Monitoring Compliance with Pool Regulations

The pool facility, with the assistance of its staff, reasonably monitors compliance with pool regulations by guests and other persons present on the pool facility premises. If improper behavior is observed, the individuals involved will be warned, and, if necessary, may be expelled from the facility. 


1.5. Assistance in Case of Accidents

Pool facility staff will provide immediate first aid within reasonable limits or initiate necessary measures. First aid materials are available to guests at the bath attendants' discretion if needed. In the event of accidents, every pool guest is legally obliged to provide first aid until qualified emergency personnel arrive. Accidents must be reported to the pool attendants as soon as possible. 


1.6. Assistance in Warding off Reported Dangers

If guests report a imminent danger to the health or life of guests, especially to the pool facility staff, the pool facility, with the help of its personnel, will make reasonable efforts to promptly avert this danger. 


1.7. Visiting the Pool Facility by People with Disabilities

People with disabilities must assess whether and to what extent they are able to use the respective pool facility. If people with disabilities require assistance, they can request support from the pool staff, which should be provided promptly, prioritized, considerate, and service-oriented based on the situation, the nature of the request, and the available capacities. 


1.8. Supervision of Minors and Non-Swimmers

(1) Those responsible for the appropriate supervision of minors and non-swimmers (e.g., legal guardians, family members, or corresponding supervisory or care persons) must ensure the proper supervision of these individuals. The duty of supervision remains in place even if the responsible party does not enter or prematurely leaves the pool facility premises. 

(2) Non-swimmers and children under 10 years old may only enter the pool facility with a companion and supervisor. 


1.9. Liability of the Pool Facility

(1) The pool facility is liable only for damages caused to the guest by its or its staff's unlawful, especially contractually non-compliant and culpable behavior. The pool facility does not assume liability for damages caused by items brought by guests to third parties. 

(2) The pool facility is not liable for damages caused by disregarding pool regulations, any other usage rules, or non-compliance with the instructions of the staff, through the guest's own fault, or due to unavoidable events or force majeure, especially interventions by third parties. Shared fault leads to corresponding sharing of responsibility. The same applies mutatis mutandis to any special usage rules posted at the respective devices and facilities (e.g., sauna, etc.) and to any usage prohibitions or restrictions as mentioned in Section 1.3(2). 


2. Guest Obligations


2.1. Admission Tickets, Keys, Data Carriers, Value Cards; Fees 

(1) The use of pool facilities is only permitted with a current stay/booking at Panorama Apartments. 

(2) Replacement must be provided for lost keys or data carriers. 


2.2. Instructions from Pool Facility Staff 

(1) Guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the relevant pool facility staff without reservation. 

(2) Violation of pool regulations or usage prohibitions for specific pool facility facilities (e.g., sauna) or restrictions as mentioned in Section 1.3(2), or resistance to the instructions of the relevant staff, may result in expulsion from the pool without a refund of the total booking amount by the pool facility representative. 

(3) In particularly serious cases, a future ban on visits may also be imposed. Non-compliance may lead to charges of trespassing against the guest.


2.3. Hygiene Regulations 

(1) Bath guests are obliged to maintain the highest cleanliness throughout the pool facility; a cleaning fee may be charged for intentional contamination. The barefoot area must not be entered with street shoes. Wearing of bathing shoes is recommended. 

(2) The pool facility is to be used with typical, hygienically impeccable swimwear (e.g., swimsuit, bikini, swim trunks, etc.). 

(3) The pool facility may not be visited by persons with diseases that could pose a threat to the health of other bath guests (e.g., acute risk of infection). 

(4) For hygiene reasons, it is mandatory to shower before entering the pool. Showers must be turned off immediately after use. 

(5) The use of soap, shampoos, or detergents, as well as washing swimwear in swimming pools, is prohibited. 

(6) Shaving, hair coloring, manicures, and pedicures are not allowed throughout the facility, including showers and changing rooms. 

(7) Waste (bottles, glasses, cans, paper, etc.) must be disposed of in the designated waste containers. 


2.4. Avoidance of Hazards and Nuisances 

(1) Every bath guest is obliged to consider other bath guests, especially in terms of noise development. Therefore, anything that bothers or even endangers other bath guests must be avoided. 

(2) All facilities and equipment of the bath may only be used according to their intended purpose. 

(3) The usual rules of conduct applicable in public facilities must be observed. Any indecent, sexual, or otherwise offensive intimate actions are not allowed and can result in a ban from the premises (without reimbursement of already paid entrance fees) and criminal charges. 

(4) Photographing and filming people without their explicit consent is strictly prohibited. 


2.5. Use of Pools, Devices, 

(1) The devices and facilities offered in the pool (e.g., sauna) must be used according to the usage rules. 

(2) Users of the devices and facilities must ensure on their own that other bath guests are not endangered. Bath guests in the vicinity of devices and facilities must ensure that users do not pose a danger to their own person or other bath guests. Bath guests must consider each other, and there is a special duty of supervision for minors. 

(3) It is imperative to follow the instructions of the staff. 


2.6. Use of Additional Facilities 

(1) Each bath guest is only allowed to claim one seating or lying area. If it is not used, long-term reservation by placing towels, bags, etc. is not permitted. In case of need, these items may be removed by the bath personnel. 

(2) Compensation must be provided for any damage to seating or lying areas. 


2.7. Introduction and Loss of Items 

(1) No liability is assumed for valuables brought into the pool area. 

(2) Found items are to be handed over to the reception with confirmation. They will be stored in accordance with legal regulations or handed over to the authorities.

(3) No liability is assumed for theft and loss of unsupervised valuables (e.g., mobile phones, wallets, etc.). 


2.8. Consumption of Food, Alcohol, and Drinks 

(1) The use of glassware is prohibited throughout the wellness area. Drinks may only be consumed outside of the pool/sauna/steam bath/infrared cabin. 

(2) The consumption of food is prohibited throughout the wellness area. 


2.9. Miscellaneous 

(1) Any type of commercial activity or advertising in the pool facility requires the owner's approval. 

(2) The general smoking ban according to § 13 para. 1 Tobacco and Non-Smokers Act (TNRSG) applies. 


Status: May 2021

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