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Cross-country skiing in the Ötztal

Skating and Classic. Especially the width of the valley basin allows the creation of generous loops, which have all levels of difficulty. The motto "Traces without boredom - no trace of boredom" is impressively demonstrated along the more than 60 km of trails, of which 20 kilometers are the best prepared skating trails.
High altitude trail Gries, located at 1,600 meters in the "first floor" of Längenfeld, offers the athletes an alternative: if there is too little snow in the valley, Gries will be waiting with its guaranteed snow-sure high altitude trail hilly terrain with a small incline, suitable for driving through the winter due to the low level of sunlight.

Längenfeld North - Illuminated night trail
Length: 9 km, classic
Difficulty level: easy

Längenfeld south
Length: 11 km, skating, classic
Difficulty level: easy

Cross-country track in Gries (high-altitude trail)
Length: 10 km, skating, classic
Difficulty: intermediate

Längenfeld - Au
Length: 3 km, classic
Difficulty level: easy

Skating trail Längenfeld - Huben
Length: 13 km, skate
Difficulty level: easy

Illuminated night trails
Length: 2.5 km
Difficulty level: easy

Length: 9 km, classic
Difficulty level: easy