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Fun & Adventure at the 47th parallel

Europe's largest adventure playground is created at the entrance of the Ötztal!

The AREA 47 opens in May 2010 an adventure playground of spectacular design. On an area of 66,000 m2, THE ULTIMATE OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND? Adventure, sports and entertainment offers that are unparalleled in the Alpine region.

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Area Dome

  • Capacity 8000 persons
  • Floor area 90 mx 40 m
  • unique in the Alps
  • Integrated grandstand for 1000 people
  • in operation all year round

River House

  • trendy party location for 400 guests
  • fixed stage 6 mx 6 m for music, cabaret, cabaret
  • fixed boxing ring for training and competition
  • open all year and around the clock

Water Area

  • 7000 m2 swimming lake with sunbed for 2000 guests
  • Boulder Cave Block
  • Venice Beach Style Gym
  • Lakeside Restaurant with large terrace for a total of 500 guests
  • Deep Water Soloing boulder wall
  • Slackline course
  • Water trampoline
  • 20 m high water slide tower with kamikaze, catapult etc. and integrated cliff diving diving tower from 1 m to 27 m
  • Freestyle water jumps for skis, snowboards, BMX, inline skates, skateboards
  • Beach volleyball, beach soccer, basketball